In addition to loving all things related to design, Holly is passionate and gets her inspiration from gardening, walks in the woods, and sailing on the St. Lawrence River with her family. She likes nothing better than to relax in a yoga class or just kicking back with Max and Misty, her dog and cat.

Working one-on-one with my clients and providing them with the work they need to help them grow their businesses is very rewarding to me.  When they are successful, I am successful. Learning about their business and feeling their passion drives me to do my best work.


I believe in the classic form-follows-function and less-is-more approaches to design. I add the “salt and pepper with a dash of hot pepper” using my knowledge, instinct, and passion for color, texture, graphics, typography, and other imagery. This is the stuff that helps to connect consumers emotionally to a brand. Finding the balance ­—knowing how much or how little to use — that's the art!


Since opening my studio in 1992—after a 5-year stint in the corporate world as Graphic Design Manager for Timex in Middlebury CT— I have had the pleasure of designing for a wide variety of small to large businesses. In the “portfolio” section I am showing you a span of over 20 years of work, some completed last month and work that is still serving  well after 20 years. Trends come and go, but graphic design that has been carefully implemented with the client and their brand in mind will stand the test of time.


Your logo is your most important tool for a great first impression. When you hand your business card to a new prospect, it should instantly convey the nature of your business or organization. Over time it will identify your brand on all of your digital and print communications. It is important to get it right first.


No matter what your media
— digital or print — effective design results from careful planning, and thoughtful use of type, color, and imagery.

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